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使命宣言 our mission

2016-1-5 09:23| 发布者: zwie| 查看: 8785| 评论: 0

      以“用创新与智慧,培养知行合一、能实现自我和社会价值的人”为宗旨,聚合先进的教育理念,导入国际课程,构建“全人教育”体系,培养兼具东方伦理智慧、西方科学精神、有国际视野和创新精神、对自我和社会有责任感的未来人才。    通过国际优质教育本土化和中国传统文化现代化实验和推广——来引领中国基础教育国际化的发展,同时为中国国际化教育事业以及世界国际教育事业的融合与发展作出积极探索和贡献。

      To be a leader of international education in China and to integrate the merits of global education.

      To cultivate,through innovation and wisdom, people who will achieve self-realization and benefit society.

  ◆ 笃行:慎思明辨、知行合一、坚持不懈,不断超越自己。
     Action: To reflect on what I know and to take action thoughtfully. To never give up and to constantly aim to improve myself.
  ◆ 尊重:乐于倾听,在相互合作、学习、包容中求同存异,扩展视野。
      Respect: To listen, cooperate and learn from each other. To be tolerant and willing to expand your knowledge and views.
  ◆ 成长:勇于尝试、挑战旧俗、不惧失败,在变化及不确定性中成长。
      Growth: To have the courage to meet new challenges and the confidence to change old customs. To grow without fear of failure of uncertainty.
  ◆ 好奇:渴望学习,从不同角度审视挑战,无畏探索、不断创新。
      Curiosity: To be eager to learn and examine issues from different perspectives. To be fearless when exploring or innovating.
  ◆ 责任:敬畏自然,秉持正义,维护尊严,对自己的行动及其后果承担责任。
      Responsibility: To be respectful of nature. To act with a sense of justice and dignity towards others. To take responsibility for my own actions and consequences.



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